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Threaded Flanges 

Threaded Flanges are used for special circumstances with their main advantage being that they can be attached to the pipe without welding.  Sometimes a seal weld is also used in conjunction with the threaded connection.  This special type of flange is generally used for high pressure, yet smaller diameter applications.  Obviously, the larger the flange is, the harder the ability to machine a thread would be.  Threaded flanges are also not a good choice for a system that has a high level of torque.  Specialty Flange and Fitting, Inc. offers these flanges in stainless and alloy material.  SFF is an ideal choice for these types of flanges due to our fast turnaround and customized machining equipment. 

Key Features:

  • Can be attached to the pipe without welding (sometimes an additional seal weld is used as well)
  • Ideal for higher pressure and temperature applications for small pipe sizes
  • Not recommended for larger loads, especially when subjected to higher torque